The Site

Acoustic Worshiper is the place where you can take your worship acoustic guitar playing to the next level. At Acoustic Worshiper, all you need is your hunger to learn more! I do recommend that you have at least a basic knowledge of the acoustic guitar, and you should to be able to play at least song or two. If you’re concerned, just send me a message, and I’ll address any questions you may have.

By following the tips and techniques you’ll learn here, you will become a better acoustic guitar player.


I’ve been playing guitar since 2001, and I’ve been playing acoustic in worship bands for most of that time. My goal here is to help others playing acoustic guitar as worship leaders (or band members) to be the best acoustic guitarists they can be.

I’m married, I’m an IT guy by day, and I volunteer at my church. I enjoy teaching and equipping others to do the things they are called to do, so I’m excited to help you be the best acoustic worshiper you can be!

I look forward to engaging with the community of acoustic worshipers out there. Let me know what you think, and leave comments!